Connection to exchange 2007


I’m using OpenSuse 11.2 and I’m trying to connect to Exchange 2007.

I’ve installed evolution-mapi, but unable to connect to Ex2007.

Please, can any tell me if it’s possible to connect to ex2007? I’m able to read mail as imap4, but unable to access the other services.


I had the same problem and did the thing below:

Install in this order:
o Openchange: 0.8.2-5.1
o Samba4: 3.99.90.alpha8-2.1
o Evolution: 2.28.0-2.5
o Evolution Mapi: 0.28.1-3.1

Install the evolution MAPI 0.28.1 with 1-Click installation from (find the version from home:seife:work/openSUSE_11.2) others are not working and will make evolution crash.

Hope it works for you also


I’m going to try and say if it has worked for me.

I’ve installed it and works, but… still have to test it…

I’ve been using it for two weeks and it doesn’t work fine.

For a short time, it works, but later it’s unable to send or receive messages. I’ve to close continuously and is unable to send mails (error “could not send message”).