Connection to Cell phone Samsung Galaxy s7 not working


The connection to the phone fails immediately after the “Allow button” on the phone was touched. then the request to "allow " comes up again …touch button …request comes up again …and so on

what is missing ? I am running KDE

Thanks and best regards

How are you trying to connect to the phone? USB/WiFi?


I searched the forum and there was a reference to a bug ?!!?

I updated the system … I could see the phone’s filesystem but could NOT import any files

thanks … if you have an idea …that would be great

I currently do not use a Samsung phone so i can only tell you how my phone behaves:

If i want to setup an USB-connection i have to choose (on the phone) between those connection types

  • file transfer

  • USB-tethering

  • MIDI

  • PTP

Only file transfer will grant me access to the complete file system of the phone (except the system area). However that might be different with your phone.

Another way to get access to your phones file system (via USB cable) is to use adb. There is no official openSUSE package for adb but you can download the Android platform tools from Google.

Are you using the USB cable supplied with the phone? If not that might cause problems. Several years ago i had a Samsung Galaxy S2 which would only work with the original Samsung USB cable.



Yes, you have to switch the phone to file transfer mode:

thanks … will try ! let you know if successful