Connection Problems in firefox and internet browsers, but no problem with skype!!!


I have installed openSUSE 12.1, I open firefox and skype, they work normally. But after a certain period of time, no internet on the firefox and all the other browsers (google chrome and opera) but still can use skype normally. I had a suspect about the proxy settings, so I opened firefox, Edit-> Preferences → Advanced → Network → Settings, and I switched it to no proxy. then I restarted my laptop, opened firefox, it worked normally for a certain period of time, no internet in firefox, but internet in skype !!! I need help please

On 01/07/2012 06:56 PM, jramadan wrote:
> I need help please

how do you hook to the net? that is, are you maybe using a wifi or in a
building, office, school dorm etc where the net connection owner is able
to restrict your http access after some time limit?

you had a proxy setup in firefox but then took it out…is that correct?
but, why did you need a proxy in the first place?

before and after firefox no longer works please collect the the
input/output of these commands in a terminal

/sbin/ifconfig -a
ping <your-router-IP-address>
/sbin/route -n
ip addr
ip route
ip -s link
grep '^^#]' /etc/resolv.conf

copy/paste the in/output back to this thread using the instructions

and, hopefully a real networking guru (i am not) can fix you up…

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Most likely You’ve got a DNS problem. Please post the output of the file /etc/resolv.conf

At the time when just skype works try pinging a google DNS server at or If that works change your DNS settings to one of those and You should be fine.

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