Connection keeps dropping

I have a problem with my wireless internet. When I boot up, I get a normal signal and can connect fine, like now. However, I get a message after some random time period that I need to enter my wireless key. Even when I click on “connect” (the dialogue box fills the key in automatically), the network does not connect. My card can see the network but I am unable to access it. Rebooting fixes the problem for a while, but is not the most convenient solution.

What command/log file should I look in for hints as to why this is happening? I have tried changing the wireless channel but this has not helped.

Also, is there any way of getting rid of the KDE Wallet? I am prompted at each reboot for my password, which is a pain when I have automatic login set up. I don’t have to enter this info with my office laptop when I’m using it on the network (it’s running openSUSE 11.1).

Thanks in advance.

did you check to make sure that the type of network key is right, With my WEP it needs to be changed to a shared key and not opened.
Also are you using KINTERNET or a different client?

Yeah, network key is correct. As I said, it connects on boot-up and then (maybe up to 4 hours later) it asks me to re-enter the key, although it has already shown the key in the appropriate box.

I’m using KNetworkManager.

To me this looks like a problem with a slightly incompatible driver.

It’s been fine for quite a while - it’s only just started happening. ANy idea which log/commands I should use to diagnose?

As I write, the connection has been live for over 4 hours.

Connection has been live all day, although I’ve been out and so not using the connection. I know it’s stayed live as I haven’t been prompted for the passphrase.

Could the amount of data downloaded have an impact on the connection? That has never been an issue in the past, and I would be surprised if the amount of data downloaded affected the wireless network (particularly when I can connect using a patch cable in emergencies) but I’d be interested to hear other opinions.