Connection between two PC's

Hi :slight_smile:

I have a small network at home.

There are one PC and one notebook with SuSE 11.1 both, one Mac G4 and one notebook with Kubuntu 8.10. All of them are connected to the internet by a wireless network.

What I want to do is to use the ethernet from the PC and notebook with SuSE to create a direct connection between these two machines, but that they still be connected to the wireless network.

Is that possible?

Anyone can help me do this? :shame:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I think you can network them without the Ethernet link. Aren’t they already networked on the same subnet?

But if for some reason you want a different, more private subnet between the two computers you specified, you can run an Ethernet crossover cable between the two wired ports and set the IP addresses of the cards to (for example) something like for one and for the other – and that will network them on a network that’s separate from the network that already connects the four computers.

Just purchase a small switch/hub

Connect server & pc via switch ports and leave one port to connect your wireless device. (You may even find some spare lan ports on your wireless unit)


I can network them with the WAN, but would like to do this on a private LAN :wink:

I connected the cable on the LAN ports and the networkmanager show me the connection, but I cannot do anything…

How do I set the IP for each LAN?

I alread found how to change IP adress…
But have a new question…

I need to change the subnet mask to be different from that of the WAN?

It’s not mandatory. Here are some nets you can use. Just pick a string that’s different from what’s used to form the wireless LAN., 2, 3,…254) /, 2, 3,…254) /, 2, 3,…254) /
and so on with the third integer increasing

and these are available too
wireless LAN., 2, 3,…254) /, 2, 3,…254) /, 2, 3,…254) /
and so on with the third integer increasing

There’s a list of over 500 templates, pick one from those. But if you can’t understand, then tell me the IP address of one machine on what you called the WAN (it’s really the wireless LAN) and I’ll tell you what to use for the two machines where you want to set up the second LAN.