Connecting two machines through LAN

How can I connect two openSUSE machine together?, In details, I have two machines that are seperate from each other. I just want to make a dedicate connection between them and access from each other to another like a regular local network.
Is there any tutorial or something else for dummies?!

In chapter 24 of the docs that come installed into your filesystem with openSUSE 11.1 is the chapter: Sharing File Systems with NFS

The location in your filesystem is /usr/share/doc/manual/opensuse-manual_en/manual/cha.nfs.html
If you put the following address in your web browser, it will be available as an html booklet:

If you prefer Samba networking, try this tutorial:
Samba and Suse: HowTo Set up an openSUSE-Windows Home Office LAN/Network. Versions 10, 11

I don’t need a File System shared by NFS!, check this thread please:
Setup a local mysql database server by LAN - openSUSE Forums
I just want a simple wire between these two machines and then ask the first machine to store the computed results into the mysql database in the second machine.

You just need a cross-connected Ethernet cable to connect 2 machines together. Set up each machine with a static IP address. Use the same network segment. That is, give something like and
Netmask is in both cases.

OK, Thanks Google.
The following is a good tutorial:
Configuring a Linux home internet gateway

Note that two computers on a LAN use the broadcast address to find each other, and the netmask determines the broadcast address. If your two computers don’t use the same netmask, they won’t find each other. That is the third of the “three common problems” mentioned above.

Now you can open the Windows Control Panel, Networks applet, and assign an address to your computer. Let’s say, netmask