Connecting two computers on LAN?

im trying to connect two computers on lan.

One computer has: VMWare Workstation and has Opensuse 11.3 mounted in it.

The other computer has: VMWare Player and has Opensuse 11.3 mounted in it.

Both computers are connected to a switch with cables.

I have followed this guide in both computers:
Depanati singuri calculatorul!: Opensuse 11.3 - configure local network

in order to setup a network.

In one computer, if i go to: Computer—Network—Network folder, i only see one machine.
When in fact i could see both of them right?

what shall i do?


If you’re familiar troubleshooting using the OSI model, you should start at the lower layers and work up.

So, for instance have you determined whether you have basic network connectivity, ie. each machine can ping the other?
In fact, can your host machines (not the GuestVMs) ping each other?


one pc has windows 7, the other one windows xp.

from the windows 7 pc i can ping to the windows xp;
but not from the windows xp to the windows 7.

For starters,
Drop the firewalls completely on both your Windows boxes.
Then retest ping both Host machines.
If that’s successful, ping between your GuestVMs (remember their firewalls, too).


ok, thanks,

i disabled both windows firewalls and antiviruses, and now they can ping to each other, also the machines can see each other with network places, even files and folders.

Now, in the virtuals Opensuses i disabled too the firewalls in both pcs,
im doing ifconfig in terminal, in order to get the pings.

but still cannot ping to each other.

another instersting thing is that in the virtual OpenSuses, in Network folder–Samba Shares, the windows Workgroup can be seen and also the two computers.

what shall i do?
why cant they ping to each other in opensuse?

Most likely You have your VM’s interfaces misconfigured. Did You read the VMware manual on networking ? (it’s built into VMware server for example) To what networks are Your virtual NIC’s attached ? (Bridged, NAT or Host-only)

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The NIC’s are in NAT

So this is most likely the reason You can’t ping from one VM to another. Try setting them up as bridged and it should work. Keep in mind that they need an ip address from the same subnet and it will be best if the ip address will be from the same subnet as your physical PC’s.

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it worked, thanks a lot!

Well done and no problem :slight_smile:

Be sure to read the VMware manual for more complex networking configurations. It’s really simple and very well described in the manual.

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