Connecting to the internet?

I just installed open suse 11.0 on one of my computers tonight. One of the reasons I swapped to linux was because I used the windows xp cd key on another computer so if I ever connected my computer up to the network (internet) again I would have it locked by dictatorsoft.

But I digress… Anyway I left my network cable unplugged until I was all finished instlling linux. It gave me an error message partway through saying it couldn’t install something because it couldn’t connect to the server. Then when I did load up linux for the first time firefox wouldn’t connect. I have a DSL connection and tried fiddling with the DSL connection wizard thing and it didn’t do anything. It seems odd that it isn’t working on it’s own though, with windows I never had to configure anything and it always worked right away. :frowning:

Would it have worked if I had the network cable plugged in during istall? I have a feeling I’m missing something verrry simple but for the life of me can’t figure it out. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Normally openSUSE configures what it finds during the installation process. If your ethernet connection was not plugged in, you may need to use YaST to configure it.

That may not be the problem but that is the first step to finding a solution.

I fiddled with yast last night and it didn’t seem to work but when I started it up just now the internet worked. I guess it needed to be restarted again.

Anyway, I was having problems with it being slow and found the cure here Internet Running Slow - openSUSE Forums

Thanks everyone, I’m really happy to have linux now!