Connecting to network printer via HPLIP in 11.2

I have installed an HP DeskJet F4400 printer to one of my Win XP computers locally via USB, and have shared this printer for others to use on the LAN. I am trying to get this printer installed on my laptop running openSUSE 11.2, but I am unsure about how to go about connecting to it. I have tried the traditional method of searching the LAN for the printer from the Control Center, and it does find the printer, however I do not have the correct drivers in the database and cannot find a PPD for this printer. When I attempt to use HPLIP to do this, the printer is not found, and there does not appear to be an option to connect through a Windows printer via SAMBA in HPLIP as there is through the Control Center. I want to be able to use all functions, such as scanning as well, on this laptop. Any suggestions on how to achieve this, and/or is this even possible given this setup?