Connecting to internet using an auto proxy config


I’m new to Linux and I have just installed openSUSE v11.1. However, since I am part of a university network I have to use a proxy config script to connect to the the internet. The script url is of the form

I have changed the settings on Firefox and I can use the browser to access the internet. However, my other applications cannot use the internet since the proxy is not set globally anywhere.

I had a look at some other posts on here, but none of the solutions worked for me. I tried to change the proxy settings in YaST but this didn’t work either. I do not have to use a username or password to connect to the server.

I’ve also been having another problem with the network settings. When I try to change the network settings on YaST it says that the network is currently controlled by NetworkManager and the settings cannot be changed. I tried opening the NetworkManager but it does not even load.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

I have the same problem, please keep me updated of any solution. thanks you in advance.

If you want, you can vote this feature: is related to the proxy configuration with .pac files.