Connecting to Internet through Online Client


I connect to the internet through an online client, where I have to put my username and password. Internet is through cable.

Iv put the IP configurations but it doesnt seem to work, I dont know how to configure the client or where to put the username and password.

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I can’t quite picture what you mean – online client and username password – can you explain a bit more so I can lock in to what you’re asking?



I have cable internet, to start surfing the internet first I have to login through an application, where I have to put my username and password.

In Windows 1st I setup the network configuration, like IP address and other details and then install that particular application to surf.

I donno how to do that with OpenSuse 11.


I have cable internet. I also have a router which has an “application” in it that connects to the cable modem for me. If no one chimes in with how to connect directly (i.e no router) I’ll take out my router and try the direct method tomorrow when no one else is using the internet – and let you know how I go.


Well that will be really helpful.

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I failed with the direct link. I can’t figure out how to connect my cable modem other than to plug it into a router and use the connection client in there. Hopefully someone with more experience than me can help you, or else you can buy a cheap router that has a cable login client inside it. But that’s the workaround method. I’m sure ppl here know a direct method – just not me.

Thsnks for ur help.

Can someone help resolve my issue.


namelesswarrior wrote:

> Thsnks for ur help.
> Can someone help resolve my issue.
> Regards.

Sounds like you’re needing something that handles PPPoE for login and
connection. swerdna says his works with a router, but not without it, so
that’s a good clue.

To be honest, a firewall/router is well worth the money you’ll spend on it,
you can put more than one system on the internet at once, it’s “always on”
protection, and while I admit I’m quite confident my systems could
withstand being ‘naked on the net’, I don’t see the point in tempting fate
like that. (regards the recent ubuntu/debian ssl key debacle?)

In ANY case, in the meantime… we need to find you a PPPoE client to connect
with. Ah, found it…

If you’ll go to ‘Network Devices’ in YaST, then choose DSL (yes, I know, but
it really should be labelled “DSL/Cable”)

Quite possibly, it will autodetect your cable modem and fill in some blanks
for you.

If not, leave them blank and keep going, remember to change the bottom left
option to “at boot” so it’ll connect you immediately upon booting.

I imagine the next screen allows you to enter your username/password you use
in Windows to log onto the internet. I haven’t a system to test that type of
setup with, my apologies.

Give that a try.

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L R Nix

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