Connecting to Broadband using DSL and KInternet

I am using the Internet Services of HathWay, Basically They are providing their customized dialer named as “24 Online Clinet” for windows. I have installed Open SUSE 11 on my desktop pc. I have successfully configured my Network Adapter Settings and even I tried out via adding the DSL and KInternet Application. But I have not been able to connect to the internet.
Then I tried the otherway using Network Settings. I just provided the IPs and the other details provided by the ISP and edit a new DSL Connection which usually asks for the user name and password. It seems a little success to me but at the end of the time SUSE was the real winner.
The reason I feel that i have made using this method is i have been able to ping up the DNS server address using this method.
More over wehn i try to open up any website. The browser take me to the website of the HathWay (ISP) and asks me for the username and password but later on when i entered the details i found the message :“You are not allowed to login using this computer”.

Help me out…

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