Connecting the second HDD

Hi Guys

I have one 250 GB HDD that is partitioned into 2. One partition has XP, the other has openSUSE 11.1.

Now I want connect up my second 1 TetraByte HDD.

When I connect it up, the boot loader doesn’t load and I get error 21 !!!

I would greatly appreciate any help.

Thank You.

First guess:
did you setup correctly master slave jumpers on the hard disk?

Hi Acez

All of my HDDs are SATA, thus there is no jumper settings !!

As pointed out by acez a jumper issue.
You need to have the 250 drive as master on the first connector on you motherboard and the TB drive as slave.

You will also need to partition the drive. If you want to use it with suse and windows
probably a good idea to make 2 partitions 1 for suse and 1 for windows.

I would make each 500BG but you can do whatever you need 1 with NTFS for windows and 1 with ext3 for suse.
Post back if you are not sure how to do this.

EDIT all drives have jumpers AFIK but if not make sure the 250 is in the first connector

You guys where right !

It was to do with the SATA sockets !

I didn’t know it mattered which socket you had your OS-Holding HDD at !!

So what I did was, I opened up my PC, dug my way through all the crapy cable-ing and read the labels on the SATA Sockets.

It turned out that SATA-1 had my DVD-RW drive plugged into it, so I changed that and connected my primary HDD (i.e. HDD holding OS) to SATA-1 and connected my 1TB HDD to SATA-2 and my DVD-RW to SATA-3 and now it all works perfectly !

I really appreciate the help you guys have given me.

Thank You

Great glad you got it working.
When you say “crapy cable-ing” might be an idea to get some cable ties to clear it up. Will also give you better ventilation.