Connecting mobiles to my OpenSuse

Hai all,
I’m yet Another one who says goodbye to windows, and as par of my initial troubles, I like to learn one thing from you.
In windows it was easy to connect my mobile phone and transfer files to and forth. As a newbee I’d like to know how it is done in cute suse? :wink:

Please tell as detailed as possible as i’m new to this platform.
Thanks in advance.

I’m not able to answer as I’m a newbie too. What mobile are you trying to connect as that may influence how it’s done? I’ve done some very preliminary research into connecting and syncing a windows mobile 5/6 PDA phone and it doesn’t look straight forward or as slick as it was in XP.

Post the model of your phone. Does it support bluetooth?

Nokia 5310 Xpressmusic.
Supports bluetooth.
Has blootooth device for the computer from toshiba.
Any other info needed??

First of all, make sure that bluetooth stack is installed.
(Execute everything as root).

zypper install bluez

There is a problem with the kbluetooth4 package came with KDE4.1.x, so you need later version of KDE.

zypper install kdebluetooth4

If you are using Gnome, install:

zypper install bluez-gnome

Try the following commands to see if your machines bluetooth is now up and running:

rcbluetooth status
hcitool scan

Make sure that your phone bluetooth is on and in discoverable mode while running the above commands.
If everything is found to be working, run the kbluetooth4 (NOT AS root), you will get the bluetooth icon in the system tray. Right-click on the icon for various options.
If you are using gnome, you can use bluetooth-applet instead of bluetooth4.