connecting mobile via network manager in11.2

i m nokia mobile to connect to internet in 11.2 configured it all in n/w manager with
phone number *99#
APN: XYUX(as given by provider)
also wrote the dns in resolv.conf but all in vain . it is not connecting neither dialing any number just shows “activating” but with no progress
earlier in 11.1 i used kinternet (but i couldn’t find it here)
is there not any other dialer ? as i ve heard that n/w manager is quite troublesome
thnks for help

I don’t see support for dial up in knetworkmanager (other that PPPoE DSL connections. (I am assuming that you are connecting via bluetooth to the phone via rfcomm device).

kinternet is still available and you can install it.

i ve installed using live cd and couldn’t find kinternet anywhere
is there any other way to dial up?

And i m using usb cable for connect. There has to be some way to dial up

kinternet is available on the DVD or from the OSS repository Index of /distribution/11.2/repo/oss

Thnx for help but unfortunately update is not possible without net

Download kinternet RPM through some other machine and install.
Just search for kinternet at to get the RPM.

finally i was able to connect to internet via nokia cell
its was very simple (god knows why it waas refusing earlier)

so here simple how to –
check if network manager is running or not
if not then run it
u ll see a NM icon on panel right click manage connection click it
now go to mobile broadband tag select add (gsm or cdma) and fill in the dialling no. provided to u (in my case it was *99#)
in APN fill the access point name (like , it chages from provider to provider) not the name server ip.
and you are done other literals were not mandatory in my case
do a restart if doesn’t connect and try then;):wink:

>:(however there is a bit af problem left is that if i disconnect in a session then i cannot reconnect again i ve to restart to session again dont know whats causing this>:(