Connecting between 2 Opensuse home PCs

Not true.

A router can have a DHCP server and it can be used (most home users will do that), but the router does not need internet access to provide this service.

Dear Henk,

RFC 1918 – “Address Allocation for Private Internets” – <>
Also this Wikipedia article: <>

Yes, yes – a modern Router for a home / private connection to an ISP may, possibly not have an DHCP service for a private LAN/WLAN but –

  • I’ve not seen one to date …

Yes, for commercial/business private LANs/WLANs there are “professional” routers without DHCP functionality but, they’re expensive and not the things private people buy for home use …

And, the TP-Link Archer AX50 router being used by this topic’s originator is a Router for home use with DHCP functionality –

  • Address Reservation
  • DHCP Client List
  • Server

I am not sure what you are telling here.

I only said, quoting part of what you said, that for DHCP server functionality in a router to work, it is not needed that the router has connection to the internet.

I said nothing about routers having or not having DHCP server functionality as such, but when it has (and it is switched on), it functions. With or without connection to the internet at the moment in time when a lease is requested.