connecting a database in perl - on a opensuse 13.1

i have a Perl program that reads XML data and posts it into a MySQL database.

some questions: i am pretty new to perl

i do lots of work with PHP
therfore i have installed an
PHPMyadmin on my opensuse 13.1

all works great!!
and the phpmyadmin is allso available http://localhost/phpMyAdmin/ ]

Question - the allready installed mysql database can be usef for the perl-job too, can ´t it!?

i run opensuse 13.1

i need to get the data into the database -

first of all i have to parse the planet - openstreetmap - data and subsequently pass it over to the mysql db.

note- can i use the allready installed database?

see the code - the perl code that uses DBI

use strict ; 
use DBI; 
use XML::Twig; 
# prepare database 
my $dbh=dbh(); # connect 
$dbh->do('USE db123'); 
#$dbh->do('DELETE FROM pois'); 
# sql 
my $sql = 'REPLACE INTO pois VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?)'; 
my $sth = $dbh->prepare($sql); 
# set up handler 
my $t = XML::Twig->new(  
  twig_handlers => { 'node' => \&node } 


i hope that i was able to tell you my problems and make clear what i need to know

if not - let me know

look forward to hear form you