Connecting 2 bluethooth devices at the same time

I want to connect my bluethooth headphone and game controller (ps4) at the same time i can connect one at a time fine but cant connect them at once

Can you connect one after the other? Why do not need to connect them “at once”?

If you can not connect the one after the other, did you try both the headphone first and the game controller first?

Try to provide as much details as possible, that will help to debug the issue.

no if i connect one and then try to connect the other one it will just timeout

yes i did try the headphone first and the game controller first

Which bluetooth profile does your headset use (A2DP or HSP/HSF)?

Just a guess:

If your headset uses A2DP with aptX as codec there might not be enough bandwidth available for another connection (game controller).

You could try to connect your headset via the HSP/HSF profile.