Connected to network but no internet.

Hello there.
I’m trying to connect my openSuse 11.1 system to the internet through my home network. I’ve spent quite a few hours on this issue and I think I’m almost there.

Actually this is my third openSuse install because I wanted to try gnome, kde and xfce but was too stupid to figure how to switch from one to the other. Gnome and KDE’s network manager would somehow deal with the b43 drivers I gave them and connect me to my network. Now I’m using xfce which I like a lot more than these two but I cant have it connected to the internet.
Here’s what I have :
iwconfig wlan0
IEEE ESSID:“My_home_network_name”
Mode : managed Frequency:2.457Ghz Access Point: 00:1E:37:96:79:20
BitRate:1Mbps blababla
Encription-Key : My_home_network_key Security mode:open
more blablablabla

I didnt set the access point myself, I’m using auto mode. To reach this point, I had to install the version 4 of b43 drivers which are supposed to be those my Broadcom BCM4306 rev 3 need.

And guess, what it works !
dhclient wlan0
DHCPREQUEST on wlan0 to port 67
bound to – renewal in 1625 seconds

So it’s cool I’ve got an IP and I can ping other machines on the network. Now the problems :
If I run the “Network Settings” tool in the GUI and try to edit my network card’s configuration, the “scan network” doesn’t find a thing. In Gnome/KDE, this is what used to happen before I installed the b43 drivers.
Also, I cant browse the internet whereas my network has an internet connection (I’m using it right now).

I dont care too much about the GUI not being quite aware of my network, but I would like to browse the internet. Thanks in advance for your help.

Looks like I was a bit too hasty. I can not ping other computers on the network, only works.
I think that’s a routing/firewall problem. Anyways, what I want is internet not ping to other local machines.

Yes, you obviously have a routing problem, but as there is no information about your routing table, one could only guess.

Why don’t you use the tools provided by your distribution to set up your Network (NetworkManager or ifup)?

They will certainly work under XFCE, too.

Thanks for helping me.
Here’s my routing info :
Destination :
Gateway : *
Genmask :
Flags : U
Metric : 0
Ref : 0
Iface : wlan0


Destination : loopback
Gateway : *
Genmask :
Flags : U
Metric : 0
Ref : 0
Iface : l0 (it’s l as in L)

I dont use ifup because “scan network” wont find any networks, but I’m not hostile to the idea.

There seems to be no default route to your router.

Post more Information on your setup (Read the “Sticky” threads in the wireless subforum to see which information that is).

Sure, here’s some more.
01:08.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4306 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 03)
(+all unrelated entries. I double-checked they were)

lspci -n
matching entry is :
01:08.0 0280: 14e4:4320 (rev 03)

dmesg | grep WLAN
…<6>b43-phy0: Broadcom 4306 WLAN found

dmesg | grep b43
b43-pci-bridge 0000:01:08.0: PCI INT A → Link[APC3] → GSI 18(level, high) → IRQ 18
…<6>b43-phy0: Broadcom 4306 WLAN found

MAC Adress written on my router :

I’m afraid that’s pretty much all I can give you. Please tell me if something else is needed. However, I’m going to be away from my computers until friday.

No, you can give me a lot more by using the diagnostic script mentioned in Posting Nr. 3 of “Getting your wireless to work”.


If you have a MAC address filter activated in your router, switch that useless “feature” off.

I’m sorry, I had stopped reading after the first post.

>> My router doesnt filter MAC adresses.
>> Here’s my diagnostic : (it looks like this great tool even takes care of censoring essid, wep keys and mac adresses :D).

You chose the “traditional method with ifup” but there are no configurations for your card(s).

So configure your Interface with YaST and you will be fine.

It seems dhclient does not set the default route but when you use the YaST-configuration that will be done automatically by the ifup-scripts.

That’s weired. DHCP offers an IP address but no default GW. Looks like the DHCP server has some problems or is not configured correctly.

It’s already checked by NWELiza whether a config exists for a nic if no Networkmanager ist used - but was done only if there was no IP address detected. Fixed this and now this check is done all the time :wink:

Well, it really looks like a problem with dhclient on newer distributions no longer setting the default gateway when being invoked manually, saw this behaviour on several distributions lately.

(BTW: dhcpcd works fine for that, but dhclient seems to have “lost” that feature in its default settings on newer versions, at least it always did work on older distributions, don’t ask me why.)

However, using the tools the distribution provides (either IFUP or NetworkManager) for setting up your network is always the better way than doing all stuff manually (and a lot more convenient also).