Connected to my network but cannot get any internet and...

Hi, just install OpenSuse 11.1 on my laptop…

When i can view and connect to my wireless network but i cannot gain internet access or see other computers on the network…

There is nothing wrong with my router or hardware is if i boot into Windows Vista on the same system it connects with no problem…

Many thanks…

please… any help … this must be a major flaw if people cannot connect to their networks…

Have you looked at the stickies in the wireless section ?


shiz… didn’t even see it at the top :S lol

followed the stickies and back to square 1 - able to ping the network but not the internet… is there no easy solution… im getting connected surely you can tell me if i need to enter information into somewhere???

Things to check:-

firewall is set to external on device
ipv6 is disabled
MAC address filter on router has MAC address added
Are you using static ip addresses ?

try the diagnostic script in this post openSUSE Forums - View Single Post - Getting Your Wireless to Work


nah444 wrote:
> please… any help … this must be a major flaw if people cannot
> connect to their networks…

Why do you EXPECT to see any answers in only 20 minutes? Those of us
that can answer your questions have other things to do. Please show
some patience, otherwise your postings will be ignored.

Wireless is sometimes effortless, but not often. There are too many
devices for which there are no built-in drivers. In addition, there
are devices that need firmware that cannot be distributed with an
“open” system. Do you understand what the open part of openSUSE means?

Thanks for the advice andy… will try it out :slight_smile:

Im sorry… i asked for help. Not to be slated. What a great way to introduce a newbie to linux.

Hey, welcome to the forums! :wink:
Your problem sounds somewhat familiar to me. You might want to take a look at this thread: Connection established - NO connection!? – please respond! - openSUSE Forums

As for now, I recommend you to collect data to enable us to find a suitable solution. Please download, run it as root and find your network errors in the output file (saved automatically).
Please take a look at THIS PAGE to analyze the errors by yourself. Maybe you’ll catch the solution that way. Remember: Keep a cool head and consult us for further help.

And most important of all: Enjoy your weekend!

If you can ping/see the internal network, you have a dnx/gateway routing problem.
Make sure you have the right dns and gateway set in your network settings.

You seem to have two problems:

One is as whych pointed out. And that can probably be fixed by adding in the IP of the gateway and the IPs of the name servers provided by your ISP.

The other is your desire to “see other computers”. That can mean a bunch of things from pinging the other computers through to sharing files and printers with them.

So I suggest you check up on the gateway and name servers. And also post back here a bit more on what you mean by “see other computers”

Good luck