Connect with pptp to Windows 2003 Server

Hi all,

I need to connect with pptp VPN connection from OpenSuse 11.1 as client to a
windows 2003 server, which I get not working. From XP it works perfectly,
not with my Suse.
For easy determination of the error I configured a local 2003 test server,
which brings the same error on my OpenSuse (LCP terminated by peer(garbled
text). On the server 2003 side it brings an authenticate error with that

On OpenSuse I tried to configure with 2 methods:

1: With the kvpnc wizard-> Type of of VPN (Microsoft PPTP) ->PPTP specific
settings(Require MPPE, Authorization method chap)-> Username,
Password->MTU,MRU (1492)-> ProfileName, VPN gateway (Server 2003 IP Adress).

  1. With Yast2 and Kinternet -> Network Devices -> DSL-> PPTP Mode (Point to
    Point Tunneling Protocol), Server IP Address( Ip from 2003 Server)-> New
    Provider-> Provider Name, Username, Password. Connect with Kinternet.

I searched for hours, but no idea how I can connect successfully.
For help I would be very appreciated.


Unfortunately I don’t have an answer for you. I encountered the same issue when I tried to connect to my wife’s work via pptp without success. I read a nd posted questions on 2 forums without any success. I know that I connected successfully(as my ip address changed) but I was not able to do anything further. After all this is MS proprietary protocol(not very safe according to one website) and that’s the reason it works with Windows. At the same time with Cisco VPN I was able to connect without any issues to my work. Can you use a different protocol? Maybe not. I’m connecting from my work to home(XP to Opensuse) via NXClient/Server(NoMachine NX - Desktop Virtualization and Remote Access Management Software) and is working very well for me. There are some other ways I’m sure to do it if you can switch.
Good luck! If you are luckier or maybe put more effort into it owuld be nice if you can share it here so eventually we can write a tutorial about it.

> Can you use a different protocol?
Unfortunately not, it is a remote server where I have no influence. The
only thing is to have a local test environment with Opensuse and Server2003
for deeper investigation.