connect to windows terminal server - don't save authentication


Im using an open suse thin client to connect to windows terminal server with the terminal software.
This is regarding a school, with many students
I was wondering, when i save a connection, I don’t have the options to not save username and passwords.

Since some of the clients is going to be placed in some places where students can pass by all school day,
we don’t want it to be as easy as a students passing by and just doubleclick on connection and then their in.

Is there any options or possibilities to choose NOT to save authentication,
and just save the host ip?

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Helo André,

Welcome here.

Please do understand that many people use many solutions for the same task in the Linux world. Thus please explain much more elaborately about what you use. “the terminal software” is certainly not telling what program you use. And when you use a certain terminal emulator, it is stll not clear what you use to connect.

Also we can not guess what level of openSUSE you use.

I use an icon I construct myself and put on my desktop. When I click the icon it invokes this command:

rdesktop  -u barack -p ovaloffice -r sound -g 1920x1030

That way I can adjust all the parameters to suit my needs. If you use a similar technique, you could simply leave out the password (-p ovaloffice).

Sorry for unclear question…

The Terminal service client. (for remote desktop)
Connection type: Windows Terminal Service;
optiplex fx160 with firmware: suse Enterprise 10 Desktop

Im using the suse Enterprise 10 Desktop with the terminal service client
to connect to a remote computer with windows Terminal Service connection

The problem is that i can’t save the connection if i don’t type in Username and Password.
If i type in both, then i can save the connection, but then the Un and Pw is aswell saved
in that connection. If both are saved, everyone can just pass by and click on the
connection and then they have access to the remote computer for Teachers or Administration.

Hope this info will make the question a bit more understable…


On 01/23/2012 01:46 PM, framnes wrote:
> Im using the suse Enterprise 10 Desktop

hi André, you are welcome to seek advice here, but BE ADVISED that these
are the openSUSE forums and are likely much better off if you seek
assistance from the Attachmate/SUSE forums (where the SUSE Linux
Enterprise gurus hang out), at:

sure, you may to hang out here and see if anyone has the info you need
(we do have a few here with good knowledge of the Enterprise system),
but you should for sure check in with the SUSE/Attachmate folks–your
ID/Pass here works there also…

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Well, I hope somebody does understand what you are talking about.

But you should be aware of the fact that this is the openSUSE forum, not SUSE Llinux Enterprise (SLED//SLES).
Thus you could be better of at SUSE PRODUCT DISCUSSION FORUMS

On the thin clients the right click function with the mouse isn’t there…

Is that only a function when upgrade to 11 or does it work with 10.x as well?


Yeah i figured, so i posted the same in right
afterwards the first post.

On 2012-01-23 15:16, framnes wrote:
> On the thin clients the right click function with the mouse isn’t
> there…
> Is that only a function when upgrade to 11 or does it work with 10.x as
> well?

You will have to ask the SUSE folks. We are here the openSUSE folks.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.4 x86_64 “Celadon” at Telcontar)