Connect to the Web Interface Via: https://localhost

Hey Everybody,

I’ve been struggling with logging onto the web interface for open build service. I can get my VM spun up with the prebuilt image seen found at I can successfully connect to one of the webpages that apache is serving up at the VM ip address, but whenever I attempt to hit the ip address over https I come up with an HTTP 403 error code. I’ve tried turned off selinux and setting the permissions on the entire filesystem to be 755 using chmod (yes, I know, it’s bad practice but it was just for testing purposes since I’m unsure as to how to find the file I’m looking for).

Has anybody else had this issue before?

Been thinking about your post since it appeared,
After all, how can a page be accessed with http but then throw a 403 error using SSL?

Believe the last time I saw that was when I was connecting through a proxy firewall,
That has the ability to handle each connection differently.
I don’t know that OBS has such a thing set up on its end, do you have a proxy firewall on your end?

Could that be your situation?


Turns out that each time I attempted to reset the image back to it’s state before modification I was selecting the image I’d already modified. After switching to the original image the error went away and I was able to continue on my merry way. I feel like such a goof. facepalm