Connect to internet via windows xp box and wireless

I have a cable modem which is attached to a wireless router.

I have COMPUTER A which is running xp pro sp3 with a dlink DWA-130 Wireless adapter. I can connect to the internet without a problem.

In the same room with COMPUTER A is a box running opensuse 11.2. opensuse 11.2 does not have wireless capabilities and cannot have wireless (Please accept this limitation, there is no way around it). Wireless is not an option for that computer. It is wired or nothing for opensuse 11.2.

I would like to set up COMPUTER A as an internet connection for opensuse 11.2. Both A and opensuse 11.2 have ethernet ports and I have connected B to A through a gigabit switch.

So, to recap. Internet to modem to wireless router to COMPUTER A to gigabit switch to opensuse 11.2.

How do I connect opensuse 11.2 to COMPUTER A in such a way as to allow opensuse 11.2 access to the internet.

If it were me, I would look for a hardware solution. See if you can find a wireless repeater bridge (I believe that is what it is called). The wireless repeater bridge will connect to your router via wireless, and the wireless repeater bridge should have a wired port to connect your openSUSE-11.2 PC.

Apologies, this is likely not the approach you are looking for, but IMHO if you can find an inexpensive device such as that, then it will be far less painful and far more reliable, than trying to configure openSUSE to do this.

COMPUTERA is the router for your openSUSE box and as it is the only router for the openSUSE box, it is the default router. Configure it as such. BTW you do not really need a switch between COMPUTERA and openSUSE, a crossed cable is enough imho.

And of course COMPUTERA must be configured as a router. But as that is as XP system I can not advise you anything about it.

This tutorial shows how to connect the Suse box through the windows box to the Internet:

openSUSE ICS: Internet Connection Sharing (Linux IP Masquerading) with Suse or Windows Servers