connect to console of VM in Xen

Hi all,
I am new in openSUSE and Xen.
I install openSUSE 11.0 and Xen.
After install, I create two VM of WindowsXP in Xen by GUI, everything fine.

I restart server and start first VM by
xm create xp1 and connect to VM by
vncviewer is fine

I start second VM by
xm create xp2

At this point, How to connect to console of second VM ?.

Sorry for bad in english.


When you configure the VM, you can specify the display number to associate with that particular VM. Add the line vncdisplay=“X” where X is some small positive integer. Then execute


will connect you to the appropriate VM.

Without the vncdisplay line in the configuration file, I believe that it assigns the next available integer value. The first VM will be on :0, then next will be on :1, etc.

vncviewer is equivalent to vncviewer

You can determine what the display number is by using netstat. VNC servers listen (by default) on port 5900 + display number.