Connect to a Shared Windows Printer

On Sun October 24 2010 07:36 pm, pacolaser wrote:

> Venzkep,
> Happy news! The printing problems were indeed related to the wifi
> access problems. After I changed from WEP 128 to WPA-PSK and used CUPS
> to switch back to the standard PDD, the printer suddenly produced all
> the test pages I had not cancelled. [File-sharing via Samba was working
> before and after the CUPS changes.] It’s 2am here so I’ll defer more
> testing until tomorrow.
> As you will remember, the Linpus Lite machine used WEP and printed
> faultlessly at all times so it looks as though Network Manager has a
> bug. Would you agree? If so, is there anything I can do to help others?
> (eg, a bug report).
> Thanks for your support and thanks for what I have learned with your
> help.
> pacolaser

Glad you have the printing is all sorted out. As to your problem with
Network Manager, I have little experience here since all our servers are
wired. I would suggest you create a new post on that issue. If you search
the forums you may find it is already asked and answered.

Good luck with your assignment and enjoy network printing.

P. V.
“We’re all in this together, I’m pulling for you.” Red Green