Connect to a projector

Hey guys,

I’m trying to connect my OpenSUSE laptop to a projector and even though the Display Manager shows me 2 displays and I unified the displays nothing shows in the projector, what do I need to do to connect to a projector?


This is realy only minnimal information for potential helpers to base answers on.

E.g. what is your openSUSE version? Are you using a desktop and whenyes, which one.

And some more detail about what the system tells you about the device. how you connected, etc. We can realy not see what you aredoing and depend completely on what you tell and on what you show us that the system tells you.

OK what else will you need?

I got it to show on the projector, but not on my laptop, I’m OK with that, but I would like to know how can I show on both, laptop and projector.


I’m using OpenSUSE 12.3 on a Laptop NOT Desktop.

Tell us about your openSUSE and desktop version as well as all about your hardware being used.

Thank You,

I have a HP dv6 Quan Edition with an ATI HD 7690M video card.

I have a projector which I connect to the second physical port on my NVIDIA card whenever I wish to watch a film. I then use the software nvidia-settings, which comes along with the nvidia driver, to configure the new set-up (current session only). In nvidia-settings I choose whether to use both displays or either one of them only, whether as ‘clones’ or two ‘independent’ displays, and so on …

You should state which GPU you use, and which driver you use.


Catalyst Control Center should, I believe, be the NVIDIA’s nvidia-settings equivalent for ATI/Radeon cards.

Good advice, I downloaded the Catalyst Drivers and I can see in both screens now.


Glad to hear you have got it working. Another tip when you are asking for help is to say what desktop you are using; over the years KDE has gradually solved the problems around displaying on a projector and I find that I am one of the few who can simply plug my laptop into a projector and it ‘just works.’ Most of my fellow users who don’t use KDE have to go through various adjustments to get both to display.