Connect the Dots (old nicks to new nicks)

A lot of folks have different nicks here than what we’re used to, so let’s connect them. There’s a lot of relationships that were developed in the last few years, so let’s see if we can connect the dots.

I’ll start, but I’m easy.

I was kastorff on both SLS, the Novell forums, and SF.
I’m kastorff here.


/me was deltaflyer now am deltaflyer44 ( same avatar as always :wink: )


No-brainer, this!

Myrlyn, formerly known as Myrlin!

Lol… I’m glade88 everywhere on IRC

dragonbite = dragonbite (in a number of locations!)

formerly cthuhlu2

Dean -> SF
ferrari -> SLS

Had to use combined name because both previous names were snapped up before I could register here. Happy with the new nick though. :wink:

I am the only enderandrew on the interwebs.

Slammer64=Slammer64…still the same grumpy old man. :smiley:

Was Sagemta still Sagemta, I’m still either unique or unwanted don’t really want to know which. Unless it’s unique then I’d want to know.

Dean! Old pal… there you are! :slight_smile:

To add in, most active in SF as WJM

Hi Magic31 (aka WJM)! Its like being at a Venetian masquerade ball, only I note most of the original SF moderators seem to be without fancy dress… :slight_smile:

microchip on SLS and SL, now microchip8 here

Good idea for finding out who all is here.

Doog on both forums. :wink:

Hehehe… ok & and seeing we are going there, I’ll play the blind man who needs to feel his way around (arms stretched out)… where are the women? :wink: LOL

Picking a suitable unique nick in the first place is helpful…

Harryc on SF and SLS, Harryc56 here.

Harryc on SF and SLS, Harryc56 here.

Is the 56 significant (like as in model of car?) :slight_smile:

It’s significant, as in the year I was born :).

Formerly known as linux_learner on SLS and SF and other forums as well. I started converting my name over before this forum went live for more professional reasons.