Connect iscsi hardisk to opensuse 11.4

hi hello,

i have some questions on how to connect a iscsi hardisk to my opensuse 11.4 server.
i’m running an ftp server and i want people to connect throught ftp so they can backup there files on my server.
i have an 40gb hardisk, but this space is not enough for all users.
so i want to connect an iscsi hardisk. i have a readynas 2100 with iscsi function and i connected it to my suse server throught to iscsi initator.
its now placed in /media/nas/…
but when i copy files to my 1tb hardisk my other disk(the 40gb disk) get fuller when i copy to the iscsi/nas hardisk.

who can help me with this?

kindly regards,


read this: Open-iSCSI and SUSE Linux - openSUSE