Connect Internet using USB Modem

I have installed open suse 11.1 (gnome). I am unable to connect to internet using my motorolla mobile phone as a usb modem.
Mobile Model: EM30

When I am using same mobile with win XP , it works fine.
Steps I am following:
1)Select Moderm from yast.
2)I can see my mobile in the list. But it says (Not Connected).
3)I have selected /dev/ttyUSB0 and filled in other details (same as xp).
4)I rebooted the system. But not able to connect to internet.
I can’t find any icon to dial.

Please help in resolving this issue.

I know nothing about this phone, and I did a brief search with google for similar topic to no avail. Anyway, assuming it appears as a serial modem device (recognised and configured with yast), then you should be able to dial out ok. Now, I’m not sure what dialers exist for openSUSE with Gnome. However, you may be able to locate gnome-ppp or similar. With KDE, you have a choice of kppp, or KInternet. If you don’t mind using a command line dialer, you can try wvdial.

This topic might help you:


I am using Motorolla EM 30 (Motorola MOTOROKR EM30). I am using IDEA GSM service in India.