I am on Opensuse 12.2, and recently tried to install Conky via the method describet in the How to. It worked at first, but now my Conky is gone, and i do not have the slightest idea what happened. If anybody can help i would appreciate it.

Are you using gnome?

Sorry, no i am using Kde.

Read this thread:

But start from the end! It’s a long one. You might not understand everything, but the thread contains an example of conky 1.8.1 (official) and 1.9.0 (in my repo) under KDE (see @saultdon’s posts). Transparency is the tricky part under KDE, but the wrapper included in conkyconf should get it, whether compositing is enable in KDE or not.

Notice - if ever you need nvidia support - conky 1.9.0 (which supports nvdia) from my repo doesn’t work under 12.2. You have to install the package from 12.1 repo with a little trick (in post #41). Then it works fine. I still have to fix this package.