Confusion strikes: GRUB4DOS appears on USB boot

I’ve used Linux for 10 years and yesterday I tried to install LEAP 42.2 and something called GRUB4DOS appeared. This occurs on my netbook as well as on my new desktop PC. Supposedly GRUB4DOS has the basics of BASH but it doesn’t because I can’t use simple things like PWD or CD ***some_directory

***Does GRUB4DOS appear in Tumbleweed too? I’m confused because I’ve never encountered GRUB4DOS before, and I’ve used OpenSUSE in the past without this problem. I’m downloading Debian now because I just want to run an OS on two old computers, a laptop and a netbook.

When I installed OpenSUSE to the flash drive I was using the Linux Live USB Creator

OK no extra help is needed at all for openSUSE the iso is a full HD image and you only need to do a binary copy to the USB device (not not a partition the device.)

I use cp some use dd. The point is no additional helpers are needed or wanted they just get in the way. If you use Windows then can be used. Just a binary copy to the device

That’s probably what put GRUB4DOS on the USB. Don’t use that tool with opensuse. Instead, check the install instructions linked from the download page.

Is there no such thing as a SOLVED marker on this forum?

Nope, unless you (the OP) says it is…

I used the imageUSB program in Windows 10 to create a bootable flash drive and now it says the flash drive is only 300kb in size, with 12kb of free space. Is that expected?

Windows can’t read Linux partitions

Ah, that makes sense. I’ll try this out later and it should work. Thanks people!