Confusing software update...

The taskbar updater wants to install an update - is this a kernel update? It doesn’t really say…

This update will add new features and expand functionality.
openSUSE is a distribution by the project.
• openSUSE-release - 11.4-1.9
/• openSUSE-release - 11.4-1.8
/• openSUSE-release - 11.4-1.9
Repository: repo-oss

If it’s a kernel update, then it will say so. This sounds like an update to /etc/openSUSE-release.

Thanks! Buuuuut… what is that? I’ve been using OpenSuSE since 10.0 and have never seen a reference to that before. I’m always leery about such things 'cause they can break your video…:open_mouth:

I remember seeing that, IIRC not a kernel update, but the updater (Kpackagekit) broke here as for some other posters. You could do what I did, and use YaST>Software>Online Update. It’s more familiar, gives more information about the updates, and more importantly it works (as does zypper). :wink:

Hmmmm… curiouser and curiouser! Nothing shows up at all in yaST2 Online Update! - Oh, wait a moment, nothing shows up in “needed patches” but a bunch of things show up in “All Patches.” Well, I guess as long as I don’t do a kernel update, I can’t break my video since I’m using the driver from the ATI repo for 11.4.

I deal with developing applications, so any update can be disastrous in an automated realm. I simply kill the kupdate applet by uninstalling it. When I want to gamble with updates, I make a special back-up including rollback, then use YAST->online update or zypper. If the update wreaks havoc then I go back to my rollback. 10% of updates have in the past damaged my video stability, 10% have damaged applications that fall outside the recommended 4 repo’s, and 30% of the updates have really been unnecessary or useless for my particular set-up YMMV.