Confused with window manager setting

Everyone i’m confused with window manager setting. My system is newest Tumbleweed (installed by image of 2/15). My desktop environment is** KDE plasma5**, and current window manager is the default plasma manager.

I want to use tiling window manager, so I installed i3 as xorg is used, following the wiki guide:

**zypper install i3 dmenu i3status**

Then I don’t know how to do. I use

update-alternatives --config default-xessions.desktop

, it only told me only one alternative

I checked the /usr/share/xessions/, and sure the i3.desktop exists. I checked the sysmbolic link, the default-xessions.desktop finally only point to the plasma.desktop.
I guess if I update the symbolic link to i3, it may be OK, but I think it’s not the best way to start? I also tried

startx i3

directly, it told me cannot find the path…?
I also tried to modify directly in YAST, but the explanation say the value has been deprecated so I should use

update-alternatives --config default-xessions.desktop

So who can tell me how to set i3 as the default window manager?

I set my default window manager using YaST with no problems. You can also set it via the YaST Alternatives applet which is under the Miscellaneous section in the main YaST panel.

Failing that you could manually make the symbolic link for default-xsession.desktop in /etc/alternatives point to /usr/share/xsessions/i3.desktop

You can also set .xsession in you home directory to “/usr/bin/i3”.

Thanks a lot. I update the symbolic link and now default-xession.desktop -> i3.desktop, and it’s OK.

But Im still confused. I think I can also add

exec  i3

in **~/.xinstrc **to start i3wm, right? I can also ask Display manager open i3, as set xsession to i3.desktop. Which way is better? And set symbolic link is totally equivalent to set .xession file?

You can set .xsession in a home directory but that is on a per user basis.

Setting the session in the DM also works but not sure it’s persistent on all DMs.