Confused trying to find a library to compile

I was trying to install a newer version of Tellico ,as it seems the newer version has some annoying bugs gotten rid of. The version is not available on the official OpenSuse repositories yet. I’ve downloaded the archive, expanded it. Now I want to compile it.
According to the guide I need:

libpoppler-qt5-dev libtaglib-ocaml-dev libexempi-dev libyaz-dev

to proceed. I wasn’t able to find libtaglib-ocaml-dev and I can’t find a way to figure out the name of the library which is used in the OpenSuse repositories.
Please help me find this one or teach me how to do the search properly.
I have OpenSuse LEAP 15.0

Leap 15.0 is end of life, unless you have a compelling reason to stay with it I’d upgrade to 15.1

Tellico 3.2.3 (which I believe is the latest version) is available in the KDE:Extra repository

Good! Thanks.