Confused about sound on OpensSUSE

Sound should be easy. Far more easy than video, but i experience more problems with sound, than with my Nvidia GFX-card.

It seems OpenSUSE use several type of sound-systems like Alsa-sound, Pulseaudio and OSS. Then its somthing called Xine and GStream that i’ve never heard about.

I have OpenSUSE 11.3 64bits with KDE4.6.1
What should i use and what can i uninstall?

Now it seems i’m using PulsAudio with Xine-backend. Is this right?

BTW: I don’t have sound on Web/Flash (Youtube) :frowning:
I have sound on system and Amarok

These might be helpful to you to start with:

SDB:Sound concepts - openSUSE

SDB:Audio troubleshooting - openSUSE

Post again if you get stuck.

This blog may also be relevant concerning flash and pulseaudio:

flash and pulseaudio in Opensuse 11.3 | Kay Schubert’s Blog