Conflict during update - on my laptop

The conflict indicate 1 package did not download .
THe text in the conflicct line stated I should use ‘–download-in-advance’.

Should I be doing that during all updates?

After the update finished, I rebooted ran ‘zypper up’ again, but just resolved to ‘Nothing to do’. So I don’t know which package did not get downloaded.

Only if, you have a slow and unreliable connection to the Internet.

  • It could have been caused by a short interruption caused by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

You can check what happened by inspecting ‘/var/log/zypp/history’.

The following commands my also shed some light on your system’s state –

 # zypper refresh --force
 # zypper verify
 # rpm --verify --all
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Thanks, I’ll keep those for future use.