conflict between stardic and system sound

today i was using stardic dictionary and i noticed that smplayer(mplayer) had no sound and in the log it said audio device busy>>no sound

vlc produced sound in default mode but not in the alsa mode
and default mode sound had errors in sound like little beeps

I logged off and login again and in kde startup it showed a message that ac1200 analog failed and switched to digital

all this gets fixed when i close stardic tray …but why should i ?
its a bug in stardic?in that specific build versionon stardic(newest from education repository)?
how can i report it to its developer?

I do not use stardict, so I can not comment on the functional aspects of what you have observed.

I do note that stardict IS included with openSUSE (its in the OSS repository). Hence if you wish to raise a bug report, you could start by raising a bug report on openSUSE’s stardict implementation:
Submitting Bug Reports - openSUSE

There is a reasonable possibility that openSUSE dev’s will either fix/work around the problem, or they will pass the problem upstream for stardict to fix, or they will (if asked) give you guidance as to how you can raise the bug report upstream on stardict.

One of the features that I like about both Fedora and openSUSE, is the support they provide to upstream application/operating system developers (unlike Ubuntu who have a questionable record in this area).