Confirming file deletion (GUI)

Hello, I am using OpenSuse 12.1 and I have one question about deleting files under the graphical user interface: How do I restore the “Do you really want to move this item to the Trash?” confirmation window that appears every time I delete a file using the Dolphin File Manager? I might have accidentally ticked the “Do not show again” checkbox the last time I got such a window. Thanks.

You are in the wrong subforum, this is not for asking for help.

But to quickly answer that:

In dolphin’s main menu (if you don’t see it press [CTRL]+M to activate
it) choose “Settings” -> “Configure Dolphin” -> “General”
you find the checkbox to turn it on there

PC: oS 12.1 x86_64 | i7-2600@3.40GHz | 16GB | KDE 4.8.4 | GeForce GT 420
ThinkPad E320: oS 12.1 x86_64 | i3@2.30GHz | 8GB | KDE 4.8.4 | HD 3000
eCAFE 800: oS 12.1 i586 | AMD Geode LX 800@500MHz | 512MB | KDE 3.5.10

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And there is no such thing as “the graphical interface”. There are many. It is because you mention Dolphin that people here guess that you use KDE. But then again, you could use Dolphin in another desktop and it is a Dolphin parameter, not one of a/the(?) graphical interface. lol!

Great. Thanks for the help!