Configuring WiFi in OpenSuse 11

I have just installed OpenSuse 11 and am trying to configure my WiFi card to access the net.
In other distros i have been able to set up within a few seconds but so far have not found anytihng to scan for wireless networks etc to configure.

I have a RTL8187 wifi adaptor which is integrated in to my motherboard (reading manual it is attached via USB)

I have downloaded KWiFiManager but it does not pick up any wireless networks.

I have also tried to configure my adaptor in the network devices section of the control centre using the Network Settings (though i dont think i have done this correctly).

In there i have edited my wifi adaptor (RTL8187)and set the following:

Operating Mode: Managed
ESSID - my networks SSID

Auth Mode - WPA-PSK
and provided the pass phrase that i use.

Any help sorting this will be greatly appreciated,

below is the output of /sbin/lsusb

Bus 002 Device 004: ID 0bda:8187 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8187 Wireless Adapter