Configuring Wacom tablet drivers

I beg you, no complains that I could have found this in the internet, I tried looking but I can’t start anything with the information there, Im still a n00b and can’t start anything with those infos…


The Linux Wacom Project

"On kernel versions 2.6.8 or later, you can link Wacom USB tablet to “/dev/input/wacom”. It can be done by adding the following rules in /etc/udev/rules.d/60-wacom.rules. Some distributions use a different number for the file name. Please look for proper one with wacom under /etc/udev/rules.d.

KERNEL=="event*", ATTRS{idVendor}=="056a", SYMLINK="input/wacom" 

On older kernels, SYSFS is used instead of ATTRS. "

Well regretfully no matter if I pick SYSFS or ATTRS… it doesn’t work! I get

bash: SYSFS{idVendor}==056a,: command not found

Only explanation for this I have is that I’ve installed it the false way… but in the readme file, there is an option, I think it might be of help, but the commands written down have some syntax error… please help

However, if you have a USB tablet which is newer than your running kernel, i.e., the tablet is not supported by your running kernel, or you are a developer who is willing to build the driver from the source, there are extra work waiting for you.



As you would expect, run configure and make. Configure options are explained below.

$ ./configure && make



This file contains hints for building the sources. There are a number of
build targets, some of which are not built automatically. Here is the

  wacom.o: not built by default (--enable-wacom, --disable-wacom)
  wacdump: built by default (--enable-wacdump, --disable-wacdump)
    hid.o: not built by default (--enable-hid, --disable-hid)
  evdev.o: not built by default (--enable-evdev, --disable-evdev for kernel 2.4.x only)

mousedev.o: not built by default (–enable-mousedev, --disable-mousedev. It is used for kernel 2.4.x only)
usbmouse.o: not built by default (–enable-usbmouse, --disable-usbmouse. It is used for kernel 2.4.x only)
input.o: not built by default (–enable-input, --disable-input. It is used for kernel 2.4.x only)
wacom_drv.o: built by default (–enable-wacomdrv, --disable-wacomdrv)

There are many options, and configure will attempt to guess the correct
values for most of them. By default, only wacomcpl, xsetwacom, wacom_drv.o,
xidump, and wacdump program are built.

There is a HowTo in the howto section called;

“Wacom tablet under openSUSE 11.0” by user VladimirSavic.

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Hi Farel;

Can you tell us how we can help you? (it is still not clear to me how much of your post is seeking help, or is posting an explanation …)