Configuring VNC to persistent mode

I want to configure VNC server in opensuse, so I can connect to it from a windows client.

Using Yast, I got it working, but only as One-time session, after I disconnect from the VNC server, all the programs in the server that I had oppened closed.

I want leave programs open, and running, in open suse, even after I disconnect. I read this documentation (openSUSE Leap 15.4 | Reference | Remote graphical sessions with VNC) and this can be accomplished by enabling persistente mode.
Even though I followed that documentation, I can’t get persistent mode to work.
This is what I get:

But after I disconnect, and connect back to the vnc server, no existing sessions show up.

I am new to openSuse, and to configuring VNC. I am very confused about this, and I am not even sure if I am running vncserver or vncmanager. Need all the help I can get sorting this out.

I am running openSUSE Leap 15.4 Xfce.

I could not get the yast to work the way I wanted it to, instead I use x11vnc and a script at startup
change myuserid to your userid and myvncpasswd to the password you want to use. This does not work in Wayland but works great in X11.

sudo zypper in x11vnc (to install x11vnc)

my script (don’t forget to chmod 755 vnc to make it executable)

cat vnc
rm -f ~myuserid/x11vnc.old
mv ~myuserid/x11vnc.log ~myuserid/x11vnc.old
/usr/bin/x11vnc -nap -wait 50 -noxdamage -passwd myvncpasswd -display :0 -shared -forever -o ~myuserid/x11vnc.log -bg

my 2 cents

AFAIU persistent sessions depend on running vncmanager-controller which is used to mark session as persistent and supply information shown by greeter. But in my testing vncmanger-controller fails to connect to vncmanager:

May 19 20:52:42 localhost.localdomain[763]: Accepted controller 94237414944272.
May 19 20:52:52 localhost.localdomain[763]: Failed to approve key of controller 94237414944272 in time.
May 19 20:52:52 localhost.localdomain[763]: Disconnected controller 94237414944272.

I am not familiar enough with internals of VNC/vncmamager to debug it further. It could be some change in Xvnc behavior since vncmanager was written (it is quite old).

I can only suggest bug report, as this looks broken indeed.

Make sure the server has ConnectToExisting=1.