Configuring two monitors in 11.4 isfull of broken and fail.

Why are all the video configuration tools gone or broken in 11.4? Why does X11 not have a simple configuration? Why all this bogus **** just for the sake of change?

I am pretty steamed. This stuff was simple in 11.1 and could pretty much be done from the GUI with the Nvidia drivers installed. That configuration tool doesn’t know what to save and where in 11.4. KDE “Personal Settings” claims I have one monitor and refuses to detect the second monitor. It’s not necessary to make this such a non intuitive and failure fill endeavor. Here is a giant screw you to the KDE Devs and the bunch. The openSUE forum would not allow me to post the words I want to tell you.

Full rant mode is engaged. I am very angry. Your shiny stuff is BROKEN.

Unfortunately I’m not able to assist as I have never had the need for or luxury of 2 monitors.
But I do know, there are plenty out there that have and seem OK with it. I’m sure someone will come to your rescue eventually. If it’s a matter of urgency, some find the IRC quicker.

Have you run as su -


Thanks for the idea caf4926 I’ll try that when I get done with my exercising.
It’s not a luxury when you have three computer and apps you want to/need to keep a eye on.
A KVM and a main monitor connected to it with two peripheral monitors connected directly to the computers.

We know the Devs absolutely refuse to come to the forums and actually interact with the end users. Users are just noise that doesn’t matter to them.

Install the RPM nvidia-settings. You can “drag” the screens in that, make them relative to each other (and so on). When you like it you save the settings as an xorg.conf file and stick that in the folder /etc/X11, so it is invoked at each boot time.

(works for me – but I’ve only got two monitors, not three))

If the nVidia drivers supported Randr properly this would not be an issue, you’d have multi-monitor and different spanning modes out of the box.

On that note, 11.4 + kdesu nvidia-settings + nVidia 270.x + 2x30" Samsungs worked fine when I tested.

I am a hell of a lot less grumpy and frustrated today.
I got my secondary monitor working last night.

swerdna only two monitors here driven by Linux. The third is Windows 7 64 and drives a piece of hardware that has no Linux support at this time.

kdesu worked to get nvidia-settings to create a new .conf file supporting both monitors. malcolmlewis pointed me in a direction that yielded results. Fine tweaking is still needed but I have it playing nearly as I want it to be.

The third is Windows 7 64 and drives a piece of hardware that has no Linux support at this time.

Is that one of the USB extender adapters, creates a VGA, HDMI etc socket? (I have one of those useless things).

No actually it’s a software defined radio transceiver that runs on firewire. The computer is one half of the radio. I just built a 6 core AMD Phenom II for it.
I am running PowerSDR and WSPR on that Windows 7 64 machine. On the Main machine I am running my normal app like x-chat, browsers, Thunderbird and multimedia etc (11.3) and third machine is running another session of x-chat and WSPR(11.4).

What a rig! Must e a large office.

Actually it’s pretty crammed into a small area. The radios all are stacked behind me and the computers are all on the two computer desks I have wedged into this end of the room. It’s a mess as usual.

I have an idea about this situation for those running the Nvidia blob. Have it prompt for the root password at least when launching nvidia-settings. I don’t know how you would get it to point to the right directory and file name when saving the configuration.

Love it…

I just save it to my desktop — and then manually place it at /etc/X11/xorg.conf

It’s pretty cluttered and messy. It’s actually my cave. It was a mother-in-law apartment that has beeen converted into my ham=shack and our computer room.

Radio Amateur? :slight_smile: (free translation from Portuguese, “rádio amador”)

Yes I am. 25 years with the Same callsign this year.

Almost 20 years ago I would not go to the church on sunday morning and instead went to a friends house which lived nearby to explore a bit more. The BBS days. He was also a Radio Amateur (and probably still his), I remember us waiting for MIR space station to be around so we could get some cool pictures and try contact with them. Once I get married I’ll probably think on becoming one as well :slight_smile:

By the way, thanks for sharing the photos, really cool stuff.

Which repository are you pulling nvidia-settings from? I don’t have it as part of the primary packages.

…and just to re-iterate your experience. Suse 11.4 is absolutely the worst graphics-setup-fail-nightmare I have EVER had on Linux under any distro. I am so pissed of I could scream. I have already started evaluating Kubuntu and Fedora for our business needs as setup has been such a pain in the butt I certainly don’t trust the rest of the release.

Total… complete… utter… FAIL!


nvidia-settings comes in with the Nvidia binaries. I used the openSUSE Nvidia repo. The rest of the distro is solid. All Linux video set up is pretty much fail. I was spoiled by SAX2. Some day there will be a replacement.

Sadly you will find all distros have their fair share of users making such claims as yours, often without having made any attempt to solve the issue through the forum.

# nvidia-settings

As for the rest of your comment, it’s all hyperbole and pure speculation, as you don’t substantiate yourself at all.