Configuring TV Tuner Card

I recently purchased Odyssey ODY 501 TV Tuner Internal Card (Philips saa7134).

I configured this card. Now the video is correctly showing but no audio.

I used modeprobe saa7134-alsa. but no use.

Please help me to configure TV Tuner Card with video and sound also.


May be you forgot to tell us one important thing: which software are you using when you say: I see the video, but no sound.

Thanks for reply and sorry for incomplete information

Am using kdetv and TVTime Television viewer

I put the tuner = 15 and card type=81 while setup the TV Tuner card

Now I am not a guru on these things, but I asked because a guru would need this info. But I can tell you a bit about kdetv. kdetv not giving sound is something noticed by many people. Search in Google (and the Forum) with ‘kdetv sound’. I have the same problem and general opinion is that kdetv seems not to be maintained at the moment >:(

I do not know abount TVtime.

BTW the place you started this thread may be not the most logical to put it. What about the Multimedia forum? I think more audio/video gurus would go there to see if they can help somebody.

Ok. Thanks for your valuable support