Configuring the Mouse and Touchpad in GNOME: GUI is incomplete

Hi, I’m using Leap 42.2 with Gnome 3.20.2. I cannot configure all features of the touchpad because the GUI is incomplete. It doesn’t look like written in the documentation [1]. There are no sections for mouse and touchpad, only for the primary button. Do have any suggestions for full customizing of mouse and touchpad? As an alternative I have installed Gsynaptics [2] yet but I would like to fix the GNOME GUI.

[1] GNOME User Guide: Configuring the Mouse and Touchpad
[2] Gsynaptics

Regards, Stefan

Well, I do not use GNOME, nor do I have a touchpad.

But maybe this paragraph in the 42.2 Release Notes would help you?

2.1.4 Synaptics X Driver Can Degrade Touchpad Experience Under GNOME

In Leap 42.1, the Synaptics X driver (package xf86-input-synaptics) was installed by default but had a lower priority than the libinput driver (xf86-input-libinput).

Starting with Leap 42.2:

  • The Synaptics X driver is no longer installed by default.
  • If the Synaptics X driver is installed, it will take precedence for any touchpad devices.
  • The Synaptics X driver is no longer supported by GNOME. This means when the driver is installed, Synaptics touchpads can only be configured to the extent that a basic mouse can.

Unless you are using a Synaptics touchpad and have a large amount of custom configuration for the Synaptics driver, remove the package from your system:

sudo zypper rm xf86-input-synaptics

I found out that GNOME 3.20 switched from synaptics to libinput. However there is synaptics-config file that must be deleted (I have renamed it). After that make a restart. Now you can config mouse and touchpad with the GNOME GUI. It seems to be a bug because the config file came with a clean new installation of Leap 42.2.

[LEFT]cd /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/
mv 70-synaptics.conf 70-synaptics.orig  

Regards, Stefan

That config file is supplied as part of xf86-input-synaptics, so probably best to just remove it completely as explained in the release notes.

Nope. You pulled it in (aka actions have consequences!)


  • I have installed Gsynaptics


Requires: … x11-input-synaptics

Another possibility is that the system was upgraded from 42.1, where xf86-input-synaptics was installed by default, the upgrade process not being designed to remove it.
So you have to remove xf86-input-synaptics manually when upgrading from 42.1 unless you already did so when libinput became available for 42.1.

Edit: I see now that the OP claims “the config file came with a clean new installation of Leap 42.2.” so I have to back Tyler_K’s assertion apparently…