configuring system properly to run without any errors like improper shutdown

Hi I am Rupesh from India and I have desktop pc with Intel i3 10th gen 10100 processor with h510 motherboard. I have installed open suse tumblewood and updated all the packages. Now the system is not working properly due to the system is not configured properly.

The main issues are when I click the shutdown button in desktop environments like gnome, mate the system is not shutting down immediately. When I run the command halt in terminal the monitor gets turned off but still the cpu runs a long time until I switch off the power.

Previously I have tried to connect to internet through android tethering and the connection turns off with in 6 minutes and so I have tried a number of ways such as installing android udev rools and trying the commands

adb tcpip 5555
adb connect <my phone ip address>

Still there is no use and so I have bought usb wifi adapter which consists of RTL 8188 and this time I am able to connect to internet all the time through wifi.

Now the issue is when I want to copy files from android smartphone to pc and connect the phone to pc the system is showing error as usb device not recognised.

Before installing wifi dongle through usb I am able to connect my phone to pc and transfer files between the two but now it is not possible.

Most of the time I work using ffmpeg tool and so I have installed open CL packages like beignet, beignet devel, opencl headers, ocl-dev, clinfo packages. When I issue the command clinfo I am getting errors as no open CL devices found etc.,.

Try to suggest how to configure the system for the following

  1. shutdown the system properly when I click on the shutdown button.
  2. shutdown the system properly when I issue the command halt or poweroff.
  3. how to connect my smartphone through usb at the same time wifi adapter or dongle running.
  4. how tools such as ffmpeg or clinfo detect my cpu.

Kindly try to suggest how to configure the system properly and run my system properly without any errors.

Please do not ask several, not related questions in one thread. They all should have their own thread with their own title (that tells about the problem and not like this title tells nothing to inform potential helpers) and they should not even be in the same sub-forum (I see at least one that belongs to Multi-media).

This one is closed.