Configuring squid firewall in SUSE

Hi all,

I am a new comer to Linux…no experience…i need to configure squid in my company can u plz describe how to install and configure squid in my SUSE server…step by step

  1. Welcome to these Forums.

  2. Are you sure you are in the correct Forum? You talk about “my SUSE server”, but fail to give any information about it. If this is an openSUSE system, please state at least the openSUSE level. If this is about SUSE LInux Enterprise Server (SLES) you better go to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) where the SLES gurus are.

  3. You call squid a firewall, according to it’s webpage it is a HTTP proxy server. Do you realy know what you are after?

  4. When this is about openSUSE, in my openSUSE (11.2) squid is in the OSS repo and I assume same for 11.3. Thus installation can not be a problem. I assume the installation comes with documentaion and the squid website points also to a lot of documentation. Where did you got stuck?

  5. Everything else would be speculation. Please remember we are volunteers helping people in our spare time. Thus a call for a step by step, we doing your work approach for a commercial installation/configuration of software is not something many people her are up to. People here are up to helping those who seem to do things as good as they can, but are stuck nevertheless.

There is an easy answer to the ‘step by step’ bit, and it may be that the OP has tried something like this and has failed (where did you get stuck? what happened?), in which case it may be interpreted as terrifically unhelpful.

  1. Install squid
  2. Go through the conf file and set the values appropriately

Of course, you’ll have to understand something about networking in order to get the IP addresses correct and make intelligent decisions about some of the settings, but as the settings are completely dependant on the network and the objectives, you will understand that you haven’t given much to gain purchase on here.

And, you’ll have to have some idea of your objectives; the confusion of ‘squid’ and ‘firewall’ in the title suggest that you may be slightly unclear about the objectives; even if the OP isn’t, we are.