Configuring Scanner in Suse 11.

Suse 11.0 works very well for me, in fact better than the
previous versions. I thought it was going to be perfect (for me)
when I worked out how to have my scanner detected (parallel port
Canon N640Pex). However, I open with gimp as root -fine, but on
starting to operate it freezes. Since it works very well under
10.3, I compared the files in /etc/sane.d, namely canon.conf,
canon_pp.conf and dll.conf. These were identical (except
dll.conf had a few additional scanners added in Suse 11.0). Both
versions of xSane guis are 0.995. The installation of the scanner
in yast2 is slightly different in 11.0 as anyone will know. Apart
from the things I don’t know I don’t know, there is also a lot I
know I don’t know, so is it my configuration, differences in the
kernels, bugs, or … well, what? If someone could give me a
clue on how to proceed, that would be very helpful. Thanks.