Configuring Samba SuSe style?...

I’m really having trouble following Samba doc’s on how to configure. Is there a online totorial here specifically for SuSe using the GUI modules?

This is how my Server is structured:
Host: openSuSe 11.1 x64
– 3 VirtualBox Guests x32

My Network:
Dynex Router:
– Server: openSuSe 11.1 x64 (above structure)
– Desktop: Windows Vista Ulimate x64
– IBM Thinkpad: Windows XP Pro x32

  1. Do I have to assigned my IP Address’s around Samba in order for it to work properly?

  2. Should there be only one PDC (host) and what about the guests OS. Should they also have Samba installed and as what? A PDC, BDC or None?

there may be one here, somewhere…but i usually point to the private
website of one of the moderators here, see the “SAMBA: BROWSING &
SHARING” section of

Have a lot of fun…

No. Samba works fine with DHCP-assigned IP addresses (provided you pay a bit of attention to the name resolution setup)

  1. Should there be only one PDC (host) and what about the guests OS. Should they also have Samba installed and as what? A PDC, BDC or None?

You have described a typical small office setup. All Linux boxes should have Samba installed. The decision for a PDC or a workgroup is the same in a mixed Linux/windows environment as in a pure windows environment: No need for a PDC until you have, say, 20/30+ machines in a multi-department enterprise. Much simpler to use a windows workgroup with the small number of machines you’ve indicated.

Thus for a windows workgroup you can use as suggested by palladium, maybe this primer tutorial or if you want to get fancy, maybe this advanced tutorial.

[If you really want to simulate a windows domain setup, you’d use one PDC and maybe one BDC, but you’ve only got three physical machines, one of them a laptop/portable, so PDC/BDC doesn’t make too much sense to me - unless of course, it’s for study and training purposes]

Thanks, the links help! actually before he began the tutorial, it was suggested to turn off the firewall, and when I did everything showed up! :slight_smile:

I will continue the tut, but I’m a happy camper now! Thanks for your help!

Well, I still couldn’t get samba browsing to work with that tutorial, but end up discovering the default settings worked fine, didn’t had to do much except configure the Firewall.

But this is the problem I’m having now.

  1. I can login to my Vista, but I can’t login to Linux with stopping the firewall. So what allow services do I add to login from my Vista?

  2. My Vbox VM’s does the same thing, but can’t login to the host. Neither can my host login to the guests. I hoping I don’t have to Vbox shares feature.

Do I need to add other modules like: kdebase3-samba and samba-winbin?