Configuring printer failed

OpenSuse 11.0, KDE 4 dekstop


Recently I tried to configure my printer via Yast.

My printer was recognized correctly (hp deskjet 916 C). The dialog told my, the waiting line (right word? sorry, I don’t speak english natively, furthermore I use a german speaking linux version :|) is not configured. I clicked the button “configure”, did not change the standard settings an clicked “forward”. The waiting line is now labled with ‘deskjet916c’. I left the printer dialog, then the following error occured:

(in German)
Während der Kommunikation mit dem CUPS-Server beim Speichern der Warteschlange deskjet916c ist ein Fehler aufgetreten:
cups(file)DoRequestError: clien-error-bad-request.

(English translation, maybe not identical with the corresponding error message of english speaking linux systems)

While communicating with the CUPS-Server and saving waiting line deskjet 916C an error occurred:
cups(file)DoRequestError: clien-error-bad-request.

Opening the printer dialog again, it tells me, the waiting line is still not configured. What can I do?



What kind of connexion do you have? USB, network,…?

my connection: usb

In this case you have to use Yast to install hplip.
Yast-hardware-printer-add-directly connected printer after that instead of selecting usb select the last choice “hplip backends for hp printers” .
This will install the necessary drivers from HP
After that renter the same process and chose usb, go on in the dialog menus and you will find the printer listed under the brand HP.
Nothing to do with CUPS for installation.
Good luck

Just in case the above fails (as it did for me) try this:
HP Linux Imaging and Printing (HPLIP)
They have screenshots there that’ll be very helpful.
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With Yast, there is something to take care of.
After chosing the brand (HP here) it take some while before the list of printer is displayed and a newbie may be tempted to click OK too early…
I used also the link above. It is interesting and works but the Yast manner seems simpler and also works.